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    At the bottom is the first video on my youtube channel in TH€ MON£¥ $€¢T!ON. Financial Literacy is something I have had to learn the hard way. First world hard anyway…

    Not photoshop but the beautiful toilet from my uni accommodation at a time when more than £70/week rent paid weekly was just not an option.

    From Moneyshop loans, living in a shitty accommodation at uni where the landlord took out the kitchen, made it a bedroom and gave us a microwave  to cook, to even the university giving me food vouchers one time because ish just really wasn’t adding up. I think that’s one of the reasons I started spending 100% of what I made, to sort of erase those images. General life circumstances can genuinely make your financial journey a little harder. I think for my family it might have been the whole moving to a new country and starting from zero. (I literally moved here with 3 pairs of clothes, but that’s a funny story for later). The good news is that just as the Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, everything can change. Your money story can change. Thats what the TH€ MON£¥ $€¢T!ON is about.

    Everything can change if you decide that you do not want to be counting how many days it is till you get paid. If you decide you want to take a mini retirement to explore Africa for a few months (me in few months), if you decide you want to travel 3 continents in three weeks on Minimum wage (Me in April), if you decide you want to start a business, retire early. (Note your money story can change so you can get the Louis Vuitton £880 headphones but I don’t advocate that so I skipped it) If you decide to take control of your finances I believe literally anything is possible, we will definitely talk about that here. That’s what TH€ MON£¥ $€¢T!ON is about. Honest conversations about money.

    I used to believe that having more money would solve my problems

    I realised this year that I’ve always had more money than I needed. This I know is true for A LOT of people who believe ‘they just need more money’. For others yeah, you may need a side ting. I used to spend money on my ‘Topshop must buy summer outfits’, eating out, uber and then complain that I don’t have enough money for a deposit for a house. If this sounds like you, welcome to TH€ MON£¥ $€¢T!ON.

    Work in progress

    I am not yet where I want to be but I am also so happy and proud of the present me. I am aware of the debt that I have, and the plans I have to end it. I am proud of the savings account I finally opened, the bettering of my credit score in the past 6 months and taking control of my money story. TH€ MON£¥ $€¢T!ON will probably include a lot of my financial mistakes because I think it’s a good way to learn what not to do. God made my financial journey so far a great example of what not to do.


    I am grateful for the mentors I found in Dave Ramsey, Jaspreet Singh (On Youtube), Mercedes F Benson, Bola Sol and the events these powerful women hold (In fact Bola has one 17 July next week). And Lastly the authors of the books now sitting on my bookshelf, especially Bae Tim Ferris and Stefon Walters. ( I met in Cali when he was selling his books and I got him to sign it x)

    Thank you for reading thus far and welcome to TH€ MON£¥ $€¢T!ON. Lets journey together <3


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