• The 5 Steps to Claiming Universal Credit

    This is my quick 5 step guide to claiming universal credit. Below is the video from Youtube that I made,  but I have summarised it in the blog post below it if you prefer reading 🙂

    Universal credit is a great scheme in the UK for people who find themselves out of work or on a reduced income to basically not go into financial ruin in that time. Corona Virus has meant that many more people are now finding themselves unemployed, unable to do their jobs because of the health risks. As for me, I came back from months of traveling and had planned to get a job and everything would be back to normal. I was wrong.

    I was very certain of how 2020 was going to go. As we all now know, uncertainty is the new buzzword

    Universal credit is not a long term solution to your finances,but it helps in times like this.  I urge you to watch my video on the 70/30/20 rule. It talks about having an emergency fund. This is where you have money saved to cover at least three months of expenses, that way if a crisis were to happen and you found yourself out of a job like me, you are not going to have lenders knocking at your door

    Five Steps to Universal Credit

    1.Ok so the right there are the basic eligibility criteria. If however you were adversely affected by the corona virus but don’t fit into this category, check the www.gov.uk because as there are other types of Assistance you may qualify for

    2. The ID verification Stage
    This stage took the longest. This the stage where you will need your passport or ID to verify who you are. At the time of writing I had been number 140 000 in line for the verification. It took  days because of the high volumes.

    Yes in capitals. There has been an unprecedented amount of people applying and there just isn’t enough staff. As I said it took 8 days yo verify my ID, it should have been a day or so, then another 2 weeks to get the call of confirmation. You have to be patient.

    4. The Online Journal
    Once you have been patient and your ID Verified, and you now have a universal accoun, there will be a Journal pithing to communicate with those who work at Universal Credit. You can also see the progress of your application, I used it to ask if I had to keep calling for the interview as the lines just weren’t getting through

    5. The Phone call
    After this call you know you can rest. This is where they say you application has been approved and tell you the date of when Universal Credit will arrive. They also tell you about how to get an advance if you need it, think of it as an interest free loan to pay over  certain time if you can’t wait till the first payment date. Then that’s it.

    Now you can search for jobs, or if you have to stay at home in quarantine do so, without going into financial ruin.


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