• Ganvié, Benin. The Village on Water


    The Tofinu Tribe fled to the Lake Nokoue where Ganvie now stands to escape being captured as slaves in the 17th century at a time when the Portuguese Slave Trade was booming. The Tribe such as the Fan had religious beliefs about fighting on those sacred waters so as long as they stayed there, the Tofinu people were safe and begun their settlement. At the bottom I have linked the Youtube video of my Visit to this beautiful place.

    It was so cool how she came to sell the items she has made on the boat

    We got there as schools had closed, the children in uniforms were rowing their boats home. I saw a young boy as young as maybe even 10 rowing his own boat. We bought some fish and snacks from the lady selling on her boat. Imagine her rowing around the lake looking for customers in her canoe shop- Its amazing.

    I just can’t believe how young they are. but rowing here, its a way of life

    I panicked a little on our way when our boat stopped working as I was rushing for my flight. We got onto someone else’s boat- turned out to be the local transport boat, kind of like a bus I guess. Women with babies joined at different points, it was so beautiful to feel like I’m just chilling with the peeps.

    Stilts? I couldn’t believe it. I’d love to see how its made


    Its a place I will need to spend more time to visit – I had given it two hours because in the third hour I was meant to be checking in my flight to Turkey on my way to the Uk. I went to Ganvie with a new friend Vicky as well as a Benin Local whose home is nearby and has the littlest instagram page on Benin Tourism his name is Dare. Thats how I met Dare – by stalking his instagram and sliding into his DMs. lol. He also has a afrocentric clothing company so i’ll link it here.


    On the Way home the sun was setting making these amazing silhouettes

    Just some Ganvie banter

    In my research on travelling to Ghana I learnt about Nzulezu, a village also built on Stilts. I didn’t find time to go but I might opt to maybe go there for few more days since for Ganvie the French language barrier might be too much.

    A massive shout out to Oloadare who took me and Vicky around Ganvie. He’s studying journalism but also has his own charity and clothing line. Like come on how sick is that? His instagram is …@Oloudare_king

    If you also want a sick tour guide in Benin hit up @jeandedieubada . When I had only a few hours left he literally planned a sick trip for me to Ouidah in two seconds .


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