• A day with the CEO of Best Farm Rwanda

    I read somewhere how only eight countries in Africa were investing 10 percent of their national budget to agriculture development in 2018. I mean 10% seems small given how most of our staple foods rely on agriculture, given our fertile soil, rains and climate? Thats why I was so happy to be invited to literally as the name says the “Best Farm” in Rwanda. They are definitely investing in technology to help enhance their farming.

    Rwanda was always raining when I visited. All the more reason to invest in a plot or two to give you money and food right? The way they Rwanda Best Farm uses technology in their greenhouses was like something out of a movie. I hope you have watched the video above to see. Computers monitoring nutrient and water levels in each individual plant, automatic irrigation all done remotely from a phone, or an island if you like? Is this sci-fi?

    I grew up with little knowledge of agriculture hence I really appreciated how patient the CEO was to go through how his farm works with a little patience. Firstly I always thought pineapples grow on trees. Lastly, did you see the cute chickens in the video?. Yes their poultry section was just as impressive as the agriculture with an amazing hatchery that can hatch……

    I actually met a man from Nigeria in the plane to Rwanda and he told me about how the future was in farming. Hydroponic farming to be exact. This is something that I hope to learn about a little more. Especially in my country. My uncle is really keen on tomato farming, he’s actually really good. Its small scale, I’m investing a little- isn’t that how great things start?


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